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ln view of the advice by the Government to prevent the spread of the disease and to enforce social distancing, the following measures are being put into place:

  1. The Ashram Main Building is closed to domestic and international tourists effective immediately. Only members of the community - Ashramites, Volunteers, Gate Pass holders, regular devotees etc., will be allowed inside.
  2. Evening meditations in the Playground and the Ashram Main Building are suspended until further notice.
  3. Film shows, exhibitions, and cultural programs are suspended untilfurther notice.
  4. All Physical Education grounds will remain closed untilfurther notice.
  5. All sections of SAICE (Kindergarten to Higher Course) will not have classes or Group activities until 31't March 2020. A separate advisory is being sent to parents and guardians of all children. Adult classes and evening talks in the school are also suspended.
  6. The Ashram Dining Room will be ctosed to all Visitors from Wednesday 18tn March onwards. However, those already staying in Ashram Guest Houses may continue to have their meals at the Ashram Dining Room as per the usual procedure. Measures are being taken to adopt best practices in the Dining Room.
  7. Ashram Guest Houses will not receive any new guests from 19th March onwards, untilfurther notice. Guests with prior bookings should be informed immediately.
  8. All members of the community are encouraged to adopt best hygiene practices such as washing hands regularly with soap, maintaining adequate distance, not touching the face, etc. Persons above 70 years of age should take extra precautions.
  9. All department heads should ensure adequate supply of hand soap, put into place measures such as maintaining safe distance between persons, asking any sick persons to stay at home / seek medical advice, etc.
  10. There is no cause for panic. As we are aware, fear is a greater danger. These are merely collective safety measures to help further the protection of all. A separate advisory from the Ashram Medical Services will be put up to provide medical guidance to the community.
  11. Further information and updates will be shared as and when required. These measures will be reviewed on 31st March, 2020, and extended, if required.
  12. For any queries or assistance in this regard, please contact: Devdip (98947 02595) or Satya (96774 2845)

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