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  1. The number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise sharply in Pondicherry. Almost 100 new cases have been reported in the last 3 days raising the total number of cases to more than 330. Medical experts believe the coming weeks will see a steep rise in the number of positive cases.
  2. Hence it is imperative that each of us follows all the medical protocols that have been reiterated time and again, such as: proper wearing of the mask to cover the nose and mouth, social distancing, washing hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds frequently, avoiding going to public places such as markets, etc.
  3. In accordance with Government guidelines, persons above the age of 65 are urged not to come out of their houses except for essential activities.

Controlled Environments

  1. All possible precautions are being taken at places where Ashramites and Volunteers are currently visiting, such as the Dining Room and the Ashram Main Building. Everyone is requested to cooperate and follow the various procedures that have been put in place in these controlled environments for the safety of all.
  2. Please do not visit non-essential public places (such as markets, shops etc.), or spend time in closed, poorly ventilated rooms in close proximity with others.

Ashram Departments

  1. It is the responsibility of all Department In-Charges/Managers who have opened their Departments to ensure that the SOP distributed (for which training has been given) is being implemented in letter and spirit. If a Department is unable to implement the required medical protocols, it is better that it stays closed for now.
  2. Department In-Charges/Managers are advised to restrict the number of Ashramites and Volunteers reporting to work as much as possible, and to stagger their work hours/days if possible on a rotational basis. Elderly persons should avoid doing work such as interfacing with the public, handling materials and cash coming from outside, etc.
  3. It is also recommended that limited tasks are taken up in each Department, such as routine maintenance works, cleaning, gardening, supervising workers, etc. All other non-essential tasks should wait until the situation improves.
  4. Please update the current residence address of all  persons working in the department and follow the advice regarding workers relevant to your department on the Containment Zone app.

Domestic Helpers & Maids

  1. t is advisable under the present circumstances to avoid calling domestic helpers and maids to work. This is for the safety of the employees, for your own safety, and for the safety of the entire community. They may be asked to stay at home on paid leave.
  2. However, for those who have a compelling reason to call domestic helpers and maids to work, the system put in place for screening their temperature, providing masks, and sanitising their hands at Workers’ Dispensary and Sanitary Service will continue. As reiterated, this is only a precautionary measure and does not certify the medical health of the person. When they report for work, please ensure they first wash their hands and feet with soap and always wear the mask correctly inside the home.
  3. The process of mapping the addresses of domestic helpers and maids on the Containment Zone app is almost complete. In case any one is found to be in or close to a containment zone, the concerned person will be informed so that they can ask the employee to stay at home on paid leave. If you have a new domestic helper or maid, please call the Ashram Helpline so that their address can be added. 


  1. If your residential building happens to fall within a Containment Zone (barricaded street), please contact the Ashram Helplines.
  2. All Ashramites and Volunteers returning to Pondicherry will be placed in a mandatory 14-day quarantine. This includes any day trips outside Pondicherry to Chennai and other cities. Please call the Ashram Helplines before you start your return journey for advice.
  3. Please be aware that more restrictive measures may be necessary in the coming days in view of the rising cases.
  4. The Ashram Helplines will remain open for any queries or assistance:



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