Public Notice

It has come to light that various websites, Facebook pages and other social networking groups are being launched with the ostensible goal of promoting the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Some of these websites use the names of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the URL address and this may cause visitors to believe that these are official websites administered or approved by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust.

In some cases, these sites also seek donations in the name of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, make questionable claims, and offer various “formulas for success in life”.

In response to specific queries from various quarters, we clarify:

  1. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry has only one official website:
  2. It does not have any official social networking group.
  3. Users of other websites and online platforms are advised to take due precaution while navigating, reading or relying on them as the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is not in a position to monitor their accuracy or claims. No claim of any sort will be accepted by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust from users who have been misinformed or mislead by such websites/groups.
  4. It is pertinent to point out that the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother does not seek to offer “quick-fix” solutions to life problems, at least of the variety proposed on some of these sites.
  5. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust has not authorised any individual, group, organisation to collect funds on its behalf. Well-wishers and donors who wish to donate voluntarily are requested to make these directly to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry and obtain official receipts issued by the said Trust.
  6. All are requested to note that any websites/individuals/groups seeking to indicate online, directly or indirectly, that they have official backing of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust or can ‘facilitate’ various matters are not authorised to do so, unless they have a specific permission from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust.