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Mother India was started when K.R. Poddar, named Navajata by the Mother, conceived of a paper that would specifically concern itself with finding a solution to the world’s problems. The project was presented to the Mother. She, in consultation with Sri Aurobindo, approved it. Navajata proposed Amal Kiran’s name as editor and this too was sanctioned by the Gurus. There was no commercial interest in the project whatsoever. Mother India was then launched and the date of its first publication was fixed for 21st February, the Mother’s birthday, in 1949. It was planned as a fortnightly and would be published from Bombay.

Just weeks prior to its appearance, Aldous Huxley sent a message to the editor: “I wish you all success in your venture. You will, of course, be a voice crying in the wilderness. But if a few individuals pay attention, something will have been accomplished.”

When the main articles for the first issue — written by Amal Kiran and Soli Albless — were sent to Pondicherry, not only Sri Aurobindo but also the Mother listened to Nolini Kanta Gupta’s reading of them. Both gave their total sanction; furthermore they sent words of praise.

Henceforth every editorial written by Amal Kiran, however lengthy, was read out to Sri Aurobindo before publication and he sent a telegram of approval or modification. Matter for Mother India received preferential treatment from Sri Aurobindo. And his interest in it had a direct personal touch. On one occasion, when a sadhak’s sceptical attitude to the opinions expressed in the fortnightly was reported to him, he said: “Doesn’t he know that Mother India is my paper?”

The decisions about the editorial were sometimes taken when both Mother and Sri Aurobindo were together; but generally it was Sri Aurobindo who made the final judgment.

After the passing of Sri Aurobindo all editorials were read out to the Mother.

A year or so later, she expressed her reservations on the political writings, since Sri Aurobindo was not physically present. Thus, in February 1952, Mother India became a cultural review; it also changed from being a fortnightly to a monthly.

The Mother could be consulted directly at all times, and she presided most generously over the running of the periodical, giving “Words” or short messages each time, attending to diverse problems of cultural policy and practical management.

Questioned on the issue of making the journal more ‘popular’, the Mother ruled that wanting to please readers as a means of obtaining a larger circulation was a form of vulgarity: one must write at one’s highest and give the readers what, according to one’s best lights, one believes they should have. This did not exclude making the field as wide as possible. Mother India need not restrict itself to being philosophical or to dealing with spiritual topics. Its appeal could be vast and varied, but there should be consonance, however subtle and implicit, with the great ideal of refining no less than sharpening all of man’s faculties. And, of course, topics concerned with the Integral Yoga were to take centre stage.

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