Sunil's music is part of the Ashram life today. Some call it Ashram music, and others, not familiar with Sunil, even call it the Mother's music. In fact, Sunil himself always said it was the Mother's, for he took his inspiration from her; it was at her insistence that he began his musical explorations. His music has an unmistakable texture, and though it changed appreciably in tonal content from the early days of pedal-organs to the recent timbres of modern synthesisers, there remains a distinctive touch which can only be called Sunil's.

In this section of the website, we offer some of Sunil's major compositions for free downloading. All of his New Year music and Savitri music have been converted to MP3 format.

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New Year Music
Book I: The Book of Beginnings
Book II: The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds
Book III: The Book of the Divine Mother
Book IV: The Book of Birth and Quest
Book V: The Book of Love
Book VI: The Book of Fate
Book VII: The Book of Yoga
Book VII Canto I
Book VII Canto II
Book VII Canto III
Book VII Canto IV
Book VII Canto V
Onward she passed seeking the soul's mystic cave
9.5 MB 
An awful dimness wrapped the great rock-doors
9.4 MB 
Across the threshold's sleep she entered in
7.2 MB 
There was no step of breathing men, no sound
7.8 MB 
In the last chamber on a golden seat
6.9 MB 
Thence all departed into silent self
7.9 MB 
A being stood immortal in transience
6.4 MB 
Here in this chamber of flame and light they met
7.3 MB 
Once more she was human upon earthly soil
5.9 MB 
As in a flash from a supernal light
7.5 MB 
All underwent a high celestial changes
7.5 MB 
Book VII Canto VI
Book VII Canto VII
Book VIII: The Book of Death
Book IX: The Book of Eternal Night
Book X: The Book of the Double Twilight