A divine life in a divine body is the formula of the ideal that we envisage.

Sri Aurobindo

The Ashram Playground

The Gymnasium

The Swimming Pool

Children learning Judo

Physical culture occupies a very important place in the life of the Ashram and hence in the Centre of Education. A rational and well-conducted programme that includes athletics, gymnastics, exercises, combative sports, aquatics and field games has been chalked out and the students participate in these activities every evening. "The basic programme," the Mother spells out, "will be to build a body, beautiful in form, harmonious in posture, supple and agile in its movements, powerful in its activities and resistant in its health and organic function." Contests and tournaments are spread over the year. Individual attention is paid to each student and care is taken to inculcate in all an aspiration for a healthy body endowed with beauty, grace, strength and endurance, in the hope of moving towards the goal of physical perfection.

The aim of physical education here is not to produce champions or winning athletes, but to train the body and perfect it into an instrument capable of manifesting something higher than the physical – the "Truth Force".

The Departement of Physical Education has a four-lane cinder track, playing fields and courts for football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball and tennis, a swimming pool, and gymnasiums for bodybuilding and gymnastics. There are also facilities for boxing, Indian wrestling, judo, roller-skating etc. Annual medical check-ups ensure that the students are fit to participate in activities. A separate dining hall, called "Corner House", caters to the growing bodies of the children by supplying healthy and wholesome food. The Department maintains a separate library and regularly receives numerous magazines and periodicals pertaining to health and physical education.